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Great Ideas..

Great Movie.! I play alot of ambient tunes, and I thought one would go great in one of your next Episodes! Check out some of my material and get back to me.

you have great ideas.. Somtimes I put that kind of thought into my music. well done

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Is that a Keyboad synth?? \m/

That's the first time I think I'v ever heard a heavy meatl song that had no guitar in it, but great all the same. Damb different too. good job man. Check out a few of my meatl tunes & tell me what u think! later dude

JesusSaves responds:

Actually, this entire thing was performed live by my band. I played guitar in it...there's no synth -_-. Anyways, I'll check out your tunes later. Thanx for the good review.


Cool tune man! Did u do those little guitar licks yourself? the melody was composed well, nice thinking. At first it's piano and melds nicely with what sounds to be a guitar. I can also hear a wah being used. Anyway I don't listen to much trance but I really enjoyed it because of the well composure, and that guitar or "guitar effect" which sounds Cool. I was thinking it would go great with a hormoney along with it, once it builds. great Job!

by the way, I have a couple of more ambient tunes u might like. check it out. later

LaymanLove responds:

There's guitar in there! Whaaa? That fucker sneeks in and records itself everytime! haha, nah everything is synth-related in this one. Thx for the review!

Originality is very important!

Good Job man.. A nice tune to just sit back and smoke a joint to. Your Originalitly is nice to see, esp. today man. We need more diversity. I'd love to play with somthing like that..it would be creativly inspiring .. thanks for your review & keep up that good work..I'll keep my ears open.
P.s. For your next recording, try to go a little more outside the boundries by doing somthing great with tho's nice chord progressions.
It was a pleasure. Seypka

LaymanLove responds:

Thanks for the review and advice...I agree with you 100%, screw boundaries!

I'm studting at MetalWorks Recording Engineering and Producting School in Missisagua Ontario & Hope to become a profesional producer/Recording Artist.\m/

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